Break free with transformational life coaching sessions in Shropshire

Mind, Body, Spirit

Our mind, body and spirit are all connected so if one is out of balance then the others will follow. 

If you experience an issue, like stress, it’s often dealt with in isolation – and you have treatment for the symptoms rather than the root cause. 

I want to help you break free of the belief that the solution to good health and wellbeing lies in a pill and set you on the path to total freedom by giving you the tools and techniques to be your own therapist.  

“We are not stuck with the choices we’ve made. If we made a choice then, we can choose now.”

Transformational life coaching sessions Worcestershire

Take back control

You have the power to decide what sort of person you want to become and it’s never too late to make a change. 

If you’re honest with yourself and take responsibility for who you are, you can regain control and shape the person you want to be – and the inner world you want to live in. 

You can transform your life from where you are right now. 

Take responsibility

You have the power to make choices and it’s your responsibility to choose your peace and happiness. 

If you’ve made poor choices it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them for the rest of your life. 

It’s time to stop blaming the past on other people or circumstances. 

Transformational life coaching sessions Worcestershire

“Our outer world is determined by the quality of our inner world.”

Focus on your inner wellbeing

As part of your daily routine, you shower, clean your teeth, style your hair and put on clean clothes – but how much time do you give to taking care of your inner self?
How your mind is, how peaceful you are in your spirit and how mindful you are of what you eat and drink has a profound effect on the quality of your everyday life.
Like any journey you take, there’s a time where you have to take the first step.

Lifestyle coaching sessions with Julie

Julie Duriez of Lavender Tree Therapies is a qualified reflexologist who knows all there is to know about essential oils – she’s also my wife.

During your 1-hour lifestyle coaching session, Julie will assess your physical health and offer holistic solutions to your problems that complement the techniques you learn in your coaching sessions with me.

Discover the holistic businesses I work with.

Lavender Tree Therapies


Single session

£ 55
  • Zoom video call or Bridgnorth clinic
  • 1-hour session

6x 1-hour sessions

£ 300
  • Zoom video call or Bridgnorth clinic
  • 1-hour lifestyle coaching session (optional extra)

12x 1-hour sessions

£ 540
  • Zoom video call or Bridgnorth clinic
  • 2x 1-hour lifestyle coaching sessions (optional extra)

Individual or group life transformation coaching sessions are available

Free therapy for those who need it

Free therapy for those who need it

I believe that you should have access to therapy when you need it, regardless of your financial situation. If you would benefit from life transformation coaching but can’t afford it right now, please get in touch to enquire about my free sessions

Pay it forward

Would you like to help someone who is struggling to afford the therapy they need? You can support my goal to offer free life transformation coaching to those in need by buying a therapy voucher. Each voucher is priced at 50% of my fee – the other 50% is my contribution. If you’d like to support the scheme, please contact me to buy a voucher

What my clients say


Anne W

Body image is something I have struggled with from a young age. Working with Paul has been relaxed and non-judgemental. I’m still working on the weight loss, but I am definitely becoming less judgemental and understanding myself more clearly.


Martin P

From the outside I look and am very successful, many would have said my life was perfect, I
have a very successful business, a beautiful home and family and nice cars, however the
truth was my life was a mess.
My marriage was nearly over and my children for the most part only grunted at me, I was
constantly exhausted with little patience, I was angry and deeply unhappy and was always
I met Paul through an event that we were both at and he was talking about investing in
your-self, which really struck a chord with me, I knew that I had invested so much into my
business but never myself.
Working with Paul has been life transforming, he taught me how to bring balance into my
life, he helped me face some tough stuff, which often was not easy, but the outcome has
certainly been worth the investment.
My marriage and home life are now a happy place to be for all of us and my work life is
calmer and much more balanced.