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Why I want to help you

Having gone through a major personal crisis with acute suicidal intent, I found the mental health counselling offered was highly ineffective and inaccessible for long periods of time.

So, rather than take my own life, I decided to train to become my own therapist.

I trained as a cognitive behaviour practitioner but found in practice that real people’s lives are more complex so I did further training in psychology, mindfulness and trauma. 

My training built on my experience as a residential social worker and work with teenagers in an eating disorders unit, in an adult autism unit and an acute mental health admissions unit. I also worked as a counsellor and one-to-one with adults with drug and alcohol addiction. 

While working full-time in the community housing sector, I launched Blue Ocean Therapies part-time in July 2020. I now work full-time to support people who are struggling. 

What to expect from your coaching sessions

A therapy session with me is relaxed, informal and empathetic and I’m present with every client who sits in front of me. 

I aim to bring you out of your boxed-in life into wide-open spaces where you can find out who you truly are, to rediscover your dreams and your freedoms. 

Teaching you to be your own therapist is challenging as I ask you to take responsibility for who you are now.

I ask you to write a journal, use workbooks about limiting beliefs and other self-limiting habits, and follow a fluid structure that takes into account your issues.

Your coaching session is a safe space so feel free to talk, cry or shout whenever you need to, without judgement. 

In therapy with me, you’re loved and accepted for who you are and guided to a better life. 

My goal is to develop a practice that is truly holistic and accessible to all who have a desire to change. 

What my clients say


Anne W

Body image is something I have struggled with from a young age. Working with Paul has been relaxed and non-judgemental. I’m still working on the weight loss, but I am definitely becoming less judgemental and understanding myself more clearly.


Martin P

From the outside I look and am very successful, many would have said my life was perfect, I
have a very successful business, a beautiful home and family and nice cars, however the
truth was my life was a mess.
My marriage was nearly over and my children for the most part only grunted at me, I was
constantly exhausted with little patience, I was angry and deeply unhappy and was always
I met Paul through an event that we were both at and he was talking about investing in
your-self, which really struck a chord with me, I knew that I had invested so much into my
business but never myself.
Working with Paul has been life transforming, he taught me how to bring balance into my
life, he helped me face some tough stuff, which often was not easy, but the outcome has
certainly been worth the investment.
My marriage and home life are now a happy place to be for all of us and my work life is
calmer and much more balanced.

: Paul Duriez – your life transformation coach in Worcestershire

Who I am

I’ve been married to Julie for nearly 40 years and we have three children and three grandchildren.
We love to visit National Trust properties and explore the UK in our campervan from our home in Bridgnorth in Shropshire.
I enjoy family time, eating out and have a passion for history, nature and people.

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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Holistic businesses I work with

Taking a holistic approach to therapy means I get to collaborate with brilliant small business owners to bring you complementary services that treat you as a whole.  

Lavender Tree Therapies

Lavender Tree Therapies

Julie Duriez is a Reflexologist with a passion for combining holistic therapy and essential oils to improve your wellbeing. 

Having used holistic health care to heal after a back injury, she has long been an advocate of its benefits. 

So much so that Julie decided to train as a reflexologist and discovered the power of essential oils to further improve the scope of healing.

She now helps clients enjoy the benefits of holistic health care by supporting them to make gradual lifestyle changes to treat the root cause of health problems and start the healing process.

Beaudeley Holisitics

Beaudeley Holisitics

Pixie Kingsley is a second-generation yoga teacher and wellness coach, focusing on Yin and Hatha Yoga. She is also a qualified life coach and Ayurvedic practitioner. 

Meaning ‘beautiful place’, Beaudeley refers to the Worcestershire town of Bewdley in which South African-born Pixie originally settled in the UK. It also relates to her vision to help you rediscover your own beautiful place within. 

Through a holistic approach to natural health and wellness, she supports clients in raising consciousness, personal development, emotional support and increased self-awareness – inviting balance with the whole self: mind, body and spirit. 

“Laughter and love are good medicine, they cost nothing but awareness.”